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The Barking Zone Dog Daycare:

Why Dog Daycare?

Do you feel guilty leaving your dog when you go to work? Do you feel guilty when you go on vacation? Is your dog too hyper when you get home? Do your daily obligations keep your pet from exercising? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, The Barking Zone is your answer! The Barking Zone is a great place where your dog can play in a fun and safe environment. Our daycare is supervised care, with a veterinarian on site, where dogs play all day with friends. The dogs have many options of what to do during the day such as play ball, run around or just relax and enjoy the fun. Our goal is sending home relaxed and happy dogs and we know from experience just how to do this.

A Day in The Life of Your Best Friend At The Barking Zone

Playmates are let out in the play yard around 8:15 a.m. They can play with their friends, play with toys, run around or just relax. At 11:30 a.m., we start to bring them in for nap time. Tired dogs need a nap ! At 1:00 p.m., they go back out to play with their friends until 4:30 p.m.. We then put them up for the night, or they wait for their parents to pick them up. When parents arrive, playmates are ready to go home and relax after a RUFF day of play.

Party Time !!!

The Barking Zone does themed parties such as Valentines day, Christmas, Halloween and other events throughout the year for your four-legged family member.  Please check in periodically for more information on these events.

So what are the requirements to play?

All dogs must be spayed or neutered, unless they are a puppy up to 6 months or per veterinarian. They must be up to date on all vaccines, people friendly, and dog friendly. They also must be free of external parasites. (we have the right to refuse service to any pet)

This sounds like a blast !!!! How much does this cost?

Ask how your dog can join The BZ Fan Club for additional discounts !!!! *Full Day $16 *Half Day $12 * Boarding with Full Day BZ $33 * Boarding with Half Day BZ $27



Please feel free to either download The Barking Zone Enrollment Application 


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Farmstead Veterinary Medical Center
2500 Hwy 195
Jasper, AL 35503

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