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FVMC is here to offer you quick and convenient home delivery for your pet's prescriptions.

We provide affordable and high-quality medications along with an Auto-Ship program so you can rest assured that your pet's medication is delivered on time, as soon as you need it.

Our stock of in-store medications include: *Prescription Drugs  *Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Preventatives  *Chronic Condition Medications  *Nutrition Products  *Specialty Pharmaceuticals

3rd party pharmacy request

We do our best to have our affiliated on-line pharmacy request handled within 3 business days after being notified by the pharmacy. We recommend that you purchase your pet's medication through your pet's veterinary hospital or through an affiliated channel. 

Why do we recommend this?

Products ordered through 3rd party online pharmacies:

         Might not come directly from the manufacturer

         Might not be labeled properly

         Could be handled incorrectly

         Medication might be short-dated

         * Could be counterfeit

The FDA has published a cautionary statement (AWARE) regarding products purchased from online pharmacies that recommend the following precautions:

          * A- Always Ask your veterinarian for advice

          * W- Watch out for any suspicious red flags

          * A- Always check for site Accreditation
The National Association of Board of Pharmacists has created a program to accredit veterinary pharmacies, called Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practices Sites (Vet-VIPPS)

         R- Report any problems and suspicious pharmacies to the FDA or the NABP

         * E- Educate yourself about online pet pharmacies- for more information visit the FDA website

Difficulties obtaining 3rd party prescriptions?

We have found that some online pharmacies have a difficult time correctly contacting our office and/or handling the approvals we submit to them, resulting in delays in obtaining the correct prescription.

We want you to be aware that we have seen a significant increase in issues related to these 3rd party pharmacies being completely overwhelmed and as a result losing faxed/emailed prescriptions or not checking them in a timely manner/very slow to process prescriptions. This has led to increased frustration for many clients. It is also time consuming and frustrating for us as we receive many duplicate requests, even after approval or decline- something they have acknowledged but choose to do nothing about. 

We will NOT authorize or verify prescriptions over the phone as this leads to errors with filling and can not be documented appropriately.

There are two online pharmacies that we have online portals with for receiving and authorizing prescription requests and these are Vets First Choice or Vetsource

Farmstead Veterinary Medical Center
2500 Hwy 195
Jasper, AL 35503

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